SNMP Service

Smart Protection Server supports SNMP to provide further flexibility in monitoring the product. Configure settings and download the Management Information Base (MIB) file from the SNMP Service screen. These are the options available on this screen.

  • Enable SNMP Service: Select to use SNMP.

  • Community name: Specify an SNMP community name.

  • Enable IP restriction: Select to enable IP address restriction.


    Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) is not supported for IP restriction. Prevent unauthorized access to the SNMP service by enabling IP address restriction.

  • IP address: Specify an IP address for using the SNMP service to monitor Health Status.

  • Subnet Mask: Specify a netmask to define the IP address range for using the SNMP service to monitor computer status.

  • Smart Protection Server MIB: Click to download the Smart Protection Server MIB file.

  • Save: Click to retain the settings.

  • Cancel: Click to discard changes.