Smart Protection Network Solutions

The cloud-based query process makes use of two network-based technologies:

  • Trend Micro Smart Protection Network™: A globally scaled, Internet-based, infrastructure that provides services to users who do not have immediate access to their corporate network.

  • Smart Protection Server: Smart Protection Server exists in the local network. This is made available for users who have access to their local corporate network. These servers are designed to localize operations to the corporate network to optimize efficiency.


    Install multiple Smart Protection Server computers to ensure the continuity of protection in the event that connection to a Smart Protection Server is unavailable.

These two network-based solutions host the majority of the virus/malware pattern definitions and web reputation scores. Trend Micro Smart Protection Network and Smart Protection Server make these definitions available to other endpoints on the network for verifying potential threats. Queries are only sent to Smart Protection Servers if the risk of the file or URL cannot be determined by the endpoint.

Endpoints leverage file reputation and web reputation technology to perform queries against Smart Protection Server computers as part of their regular system protection activities. In this solution, agents send identification information, determined by Trend Micro technology, to Smart Protection Server computers for queries. Agents never send the entire file when using file reputation technology. The risk of the file is determined using identification information.