Enabling Web Reputation Services

Enable Web Reputation Services to support URL queries from endpoints. These are the options available on this screen.

  • Enable Web Reputation Service: Select to support Web Reputation queries from endpoints.

  • Server Address: Used by other Trend Micro products for Web Reputation queries.

  • Filter Priority: Select to specify the priority when filtering URLs.

  1. Go to Smart Protection > Reputation Services, and then click the Web Reputation tab.
  2. Select the Enable Web Reputation Service check box.
  3. (Optional) Specify the priority of the user-defined approved and blocked URLs when filtering URLs. For example, if user-defined blocked URLs has first priority, then user-defined approved URLs will be second priority.
  4. Click Save.

    The Server Address can now be used for Web Reputation queries by other Trend Micro products that support Smart Protection Server.