Pattern Files

Smart protection pattern files are used for File Reputation Services and Web Reputation Services. Trend Micro releases these pattern files through the Trend Micro ActiveUpdate server.

The following are the pattern files:

Table 1. Smart Protection Server Pattern Files

Reputation Service



File Reputation Services

Smart Scan Pattern

The cloud-based query process makes use of the smart scan pattern file combined with a real-time cloud query system. The cloud query system verifies files, URLs, and other components against a Smart Protection Server during the verification process. Smart Protection Server computers use several algorithms for an efficient process that uses minimal network bandwidth usage.

The Smart Scan Pattern is automatically updated hourly.

Web Reputation Services

Web Blocking Pattern

Products that use Web Reputation Services (such as Apex One and Deep Security) verify a website’s reputation against the Web Blocking Pattern by sending web reputation queries to Smart Protection Server. These products correlate the reputation data received from the smart protection source with the web reputation policy enforced on the endpoint. Depending on the policy, they will either allow or block access to the site.

Note: For a list of products that use Web Reputation Services, see: Integration with Trend Micro Products and Services