SafeSync Add-Ins

Licensed SafeSync users can enable the following add-ins:

  • SafeSync Outlook Extension: Users can prevent unintentional data leakage by securing their email file attachments. Users can either upload the files to SafeSync and include a shareable link in their email, or use the auto-encryption option to automatically encrypt file attachments.

    When the auto-encryption option is enabled, all attachments are automatically encrypted and the only people who can open the attachments are the SafeSync users who are the original recipients of the email.


    Encrypted attachments have the file extension .sptx.

  • Shared Protection Extension: Users can create auto-encryption folders. All files added to these folders are encrypted automatically. When users create an auto-encrypted team folder, they are prompted to identify who can access the folder. Users can also create auto-encrypted personal folders. Auto-encrypted personal folders can only be accessed by the user that created them.

    Auto-encryption folders help protect confidential documents, such as those created by Human Resources or Finance professionals, from being accessed by unauthorized users.


    Encrypted files have the file extension .sptx.