Step 2: Install the OneLogin Active Directory Connector

If the Active Directory server already has a OneLogin connector installed, go toStep 3: Import Your Organization Units .
  1. Log on to the OneLogin administration console at
  2. Go to People > Directories > <New directory>.
    The Directories screen appears.
  3. Provde a meaningful name for the directory.
  4. Click Click to download AD Connector to download the Onelogin AD Connector installation package.
  5. Copy the token information from the Enter this token during installation field.
  6. Run the installation package on a computer, with a Windows operating system, that is part of your Active Directory environment.

    The user account must have administrator permissions.

  7. Paste the copied token during the installation process.
  8. When installation completes the return to the OneLogin web console and go to People > Directories > <the new directory> and verify that OneLogin is connected to your Active Directory.