Security Risk Outbreak Criteria and Notifications

Configure OfficeScan to send you and other OfficeScan administrators a notification whenever an outbreak occurs.

Table 1. Types of Security Risk Outbreak Notifications



  • Virus/Malware outbreak

  • Spyware/Grayware outbreak

  • Shared folder session outbreak

Configuring the Security Risk Outbreak Criteria and Notifications

Firewall Violations outbreak

Configuring the Firewall Violation Outbreak Criteria and Notifications

C&C callbacks outbreak

Configuring the C&C Callback Outbreak Criteria and Notifications

Define an outbreak by the number of detections and the detection period. OfficeScan triggers an outbreak alert when the number of detections exceeds the configured value during the detection period.

OfficeScan comes with a set of default notification messages that inform you and other OfficeScan administrators of an outbreak. You can modify the notifications and configure additional notification settings as required.


OfficeScan can send security risk outbreak notifications through email, SNMP trap, and Windows NT Event logs. For shared folder session outbreaks, OfficeScan sends notifications through email. Configure settings when OfficeScan sends notifications through these channels.

For details, see Administrator Notification Settings.