Installing the OfficeScan Agent

  1. Go to Assessment > Unmanaged Endpoints.
  2. Click Install on top of the agent tree.
    • If an earlier OfficeScan agent version is already installed on the endpoint and you click Install, OfficeScan skips the installation and does not upgrade the endpoint to this version. To upgrade the endpoint, ensure that you configure the following setting.

      1. Go to Agents > Agent Management.

      2. Click the Settings > Privileges and Other Settings > Other Settings tab.

      3. Go to the Update Settings section.

      4. In the OfficeScan agents only update the following components drop-down, select All components (including hotfixes and the agent program).

      5. Click Apply to All Agents.

  3. Specify the administrator logon account for each endpoint and click Log on. OfficeScan starts installing the agent on the target endpoint.
  4. View the installation status.