What's New in OfficeScan XG Service Pack 1

This version of OfficeScan includes the following new features and enhancements.



Enhanced "fileless" script detections

  • Behavior Monitoring has been enhanced to detect malicious scripts executed by legitimate Windows programs to protect endpoints against malware hidden in fileless attack vectors.

  • Predictive Machine Learning and Behavior Monitoring can also determine the true payload path of script files executed by legitimate Windows DLLs.

Update Agent connections

You can configure OfficeScan agents to use HTTPS protocol when using an Update Agent as the update source.

For more information, see Configuring Customized Update Sources for OfficeScan Agents.

Behavior Monitoring Exception List

Enhancements to the Exception List support the use of wildcard characters.

For more information, see Exception List Wildcard Support.

Predictive Machine Learning

Predictive Machine Learning has been enhanced to detect malicious script execution.

For more information, see Predictive Machine Learning.

Cloud synchronization channel for ransomware detections

OfficeScan agents detect ransomware downloaded through supported cloud synchronization channels

For more information, see Ransomware Summary Widget.

Proxy settings enhancement

All proxy settings for both the OfficeScan server and OfficeScan agents have been consolidated in the same location.

For more information, see Proxy for OfficeScan Server Updates and OfficeScan Agent Proxy Settings.

Suspicious Object Lists

OfficeScan supports the detection of Suspicious Domain Objects through integration with Control Manager.

For more information, see Suspicious Object List Settings.