Moving OfficeScan Agents to Another Domain or OfficeScan Server

  1. Navigate to Agents > Agent Management.
  2. In the agent tree, select one, several, or all agents.
  3. Click Manage Agent Tree > Move Agent.
  4. To move agents to another domain:
    • Select Move selected agent(s) to another domain.

    • Select the domain.

    • (Optional) Apply the settings of the new domain to the agents.


    You can also drag and drop agents to another domain in the agent tree.

  5. To move agents to another OfficeScan server:
    • Select Move selected agent(s) to another OfficeScan Server.

    • Type the server name or IPv4/IPv6 address and HTTP or SSL (443) port number.


      If you are moving OfficeScan agents to an OfficeScan Cloud Console, you can obtain the OfficeScan Cloud Console server information by accessing the Control Manager console. Go to Administration > Managed Servers and, in the Server Type drop-down, select OfficeScan.

  6. Click Move.