Adding a Firewall Profile

  1. Go to Agents > Firewall > Profiles.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Click Enable this profile to allow OfficeScan to deploy the profile to OfficeScan agents.
  4. Type a name to identify the profile and an optional description.
  5. Select a policy for this profile.
  6. Specify the agent endpoints to which OfficeScan applies the policy. Select endpoints based on the following criteria:
    • IP address

    • Domain: Click the button to open and select domains from the agent tree.


      Only users with full domain permissions can select domains.

    • Endpoint name: Click the button to open, and select OfficeScan agent endpoints from, the agent tree.

    • Platform

    • Logon name

    • NIC description: Type a full or partial description, without wildcards.


      Trend Micro recommends typing the NIC card manufacturer because NIC descriptions typically start with the manufacturer’s name. For example, if you typed "Intel", all Intel-manufactured NICs will satisfy the criteria. If you typed a particular NIC model, such as "Intel(R) Pro/100", only NIC descriptions that start with "Intel(R) Pro/100" will satisfy the criteria.

    • Agent connection status

  7. Select whether to grant users the privilege to change the firewall security level or edit a configurable list of exceptions to allow specified types of traffic.

    For details, see Firewall Policies.

  8. Click Save.