Data Recorders (CD/DVD)

OfficeScan monitors data recorded to a CD or DVD. For a list of supported data recording devices and software, see the Data Protection Lists document at:

When OfficeScan detects a "burn" command initiated on any of the supported devices or software and the action is Pass, data recording proceeds. If the action is Block, OfficeScan checks if any of the files to be recorded is or contains a data identifier. If OfficeScan detects at least one data identifier, all files—including those that are not, or do not contain, data identifiers—will not be recorded. OfficeScan may also prevent the CD or DVD from ejecting. If this issue occurs, instruct users to restart the software process or reset the device.

OfficeScan implements additional CD/DVD recording rules:

  • To reduce false positives, OfficeScan does not monitor the following files:














  • Two file types used by Roxio data recorders (*.png and *.skn) are not monitored to increase performance.

  • OfficeScan does not monitor files in the following directories:



    ..\Application Data


    ..\Local Settings


    ..\Program Files



  • ISO images created by the devices and software are not monitored.