Viewing Scan Operation Logs

When Manual Scan, Scheduled Scan, or Scan Now runs, the OfficeScan agent creates a scan log that contains information about the scan. You can view the scan log by accessing the OfficeScan server or OfficeScan agent consoles.

To view the Scan Operation logs on the OfficeScan server, go to one of the following locations:

  • Logs > Agents > Security Risks and click View Logs > Scan Operation Logs

  • Agents > Agent Management and click Logs > Scan Operation Logs

Scan Operation logs show the following information:

  • Date and time OfficeScan started scanning

  • Date and time OfficeScan stopped scanning

  • Scan status

    • Completed: The scan completed normally.

    • Interrupted: The user stopped the scan before it completed.

    • Stopped unexpectedly: The scan was interrupted by the user, system, or an unexpected event. For example, the OfficeScan Real-time Scan service might have terminated unexpectedly or the user performed a forced restart of the agent.

  • Scan type

  • Number of scanned objects

  • Number of virus/malware infected detections

  • Number of spyware/grayware detections

  • Smart Scan Agent Pattern version

  • Virus Pattern version

  • Spyware/Grayware Pattern version