Switching from Smart Scan to Conventional Scan

When you switch agents to conventional scan, consider the following:

  1. Number of agents to switch

    Switching a relatively small number of agents at a time allows efficient use of OfficeScan server and Smart Protection Server resources. These servers can perform other critical tasks while agents change their scan methods.

  2. Timing

    When switching back to conventional scan, agents will likely download the full version of the Virus Pattern and Spyware-active Monitoring Pattern from the OfficeScan server. These pattern files are only used by conventional scan agents.

    Consider switching during off-peak hours to ensure the download process finishes within a short amount of time. Also consider switching when no agent is scheduled to update from the server. Also temporarily disable "Update Now" on agents and re-enable it after the agents have switched to smart scan.

  3. Agent tree settings

    Scan method is a granular setting that can be set on the root, domain, or individual agent level. When switching to conventional scan, you can:

    • Create a new agent tree domain and assign conventional scan as its scan method. Any agent you move to this domain will use conventional scan. When you move the agent, enable the setting Apply settings of new domain to selected agents.

    • Select a domain and configure it to use conventional scan. Smart scan agents belonging to the domain will switch to conventional scan.

    • Select one or several smart scan agents from a domain and then switch them to conventional scan.


    Any changes to the domain’s scan method overrides the scan method you have configured for individual agents.