Managing the Edge Relay Server Connection

After connecting to the Edge Relay Server, OfficeScan agents reporting to the OfficeScan server receive the connection settings and can automatically communicate to the Edge Relay Server after leaving the corporate intranet. You can then monitor the Edge Relay Server connection status, configure the synchronization schedule, and perform an immediate synchronization from the Edge Relay Settings screen.

  1. On the OfficeScan web console, go to Administration > Settings > Edge Relay.

    The Edge Relay Settings screen appears.

  2. Monitor or configure the Edge Relay Server settings.



    IP address

    The current IP address of the Edge Relay Server

    To configure new Edge Relay Server connection settings, click Disconnect and reconfigure the connection settings.

    For more information, see Connecting to the Edge Relay Server.


    The "Online" or "Offline" connection status between the OfficeScan server and the Edge Relay Server


    The last time the Edge Relay Server synchronized with the OfficeScan server

    Click Sync Now to perform an immediate synchronization between the OfficeScan server and the Edge Relay Server.

    Scheduled sync

    The frequency in which the OfficeScan server synchronizes with the Edge Relay Server

    Depending on bandwidth concerns, configure the synchronization frequency as Hourly or Every 15 minutes.

  3. Click Save.