Connecting to the Edge Relay Server

After installing the Edge Relay Server, you must configure the Edge Relay Server connection settings on the OfficeScan server. After connecting to the Edge Relay Server, OfficeScan agents reporting to the OfficeScan server receive the connection settings and can automatically communicate to the Edge Relay Server after leaving the corporate intranet.

  1. On the OfficeScan web console, go to Administration > Settings > Edge Relay.

    The Edge Relay Settings screen appears.

  2. Type the IP address and Port of the Edge Relay Server.

    Ensure that you provide the IP address and port that you configured for intranet communication with the Edge Relay Server.

  3. If your environment requires a proxy server to communicate with the Edge Relay Server in the demilitarized zone, enable Connect using external proxy server settings.

    To configure the external proxy settings, click external proxy server settings to redirect to the Proxy Settings screen. Configure the necessary proxy information under the OfficeScan Server Updates section.

    For more information, see Configuring Proxy Settings.

  4. Click Connect.

    Upon successful connection with the Edge Relay Server, the screen refreshes with the connection information.

    For more information, see Managing the Edge Relay Server Connection.