Configuring Global Smart Protection Service Proxy Settings

OfficeScan agents use the configured Smart Protection Service Proxy settings when querying Smart Protection sources for the following features:

  • Predictive Machine Learning

  • Behavior Monitoring


If the integrated Smart Protection Server is unavailable, OfficeScan agents connect to the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network when performing queries.

  1. Go to Agents > Global Agent Settings.
  2. Click the System tab.
  3. Go to the Smart Protection Service Proxy section.
  4. Enable Use configured Smart Protection Sources for service queries.

    The Smart Protection Service Proxy only supports HTTPS protocol for File Reputation queries. You must ensure that all configured Smart Protection Servers that provide File Reputation Services use HTTPS protocol.

    By default, the integrated Smart Protection Server does not use HTTPS communication. To change the communication method, see Configuring Integrated Smart Protection Server Settings.

    To verify the communication method used by standalone Smart Protection Servers, see Configuring Custom Lists of Smart Protection Sources.

  5. Click Save.