OfficeScan Agent Services

The OfficeScan agent runs the services listed in the following table. You can view the status of these services from Microsoft Management Console.

Table 1. OfficeScan Agent Services


Features Controlled

Trend Micro Unauthorized Change Prevention Service (TMBMSRV.exe)

  • Behavior Monitoring

  • Device Control

  • Certified Safe Software Service

OfficeScan NT Firewall (TmPfw.exe)

OfficeScan firewall

OfficeScan Data Protection Service (dsagent.exe)

  • Data Loss Prevention

  • Device Control

OfficeScan NT Listener (tmlisten.exe)

Communication between the OfficeScan agent and OfficeScan server

OfficeScan NT Proxy Service (TmProxy.exe)

  • Web reputation

  • POP3 mail scan

OfficeScan NT RealTime Scan (ntrtscan.exe)

  • Real-time Scan

  • Scheduled Scan

  • Manual Scan/Scan Now

OfficeScan Common Client Solution Framework (TmCCSF.exe)

Advanced Protection Service

  • Browser Exploit Prevention

  • Memory Scanning

The following services provide robust protection but their monitoring mechanisms can strain system resources, especially on servers running system-intensive applications:

  • Trend Micro Unauthorized Change Prevention Service (TMBMSRV.exe)

  • OfficeScan NT Firewall (TmPfw.exe)

  • OfficeScan Data Protection Service (dsagent.exe)

For this reason, these services are disabled by default on server platforms (Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2012). If you want to enable these services:

  • Monitor the system’s performance constantly and take the necessary action when you notice a drop in performance.

  • For TMBMSRV.exe, you can enable the service if you exempt system-intensive applications from Behavior Monitoring policies. You can use a performance tuning tool to identify system intensive applications. For details, see Using the Trend Micro Performance Tuning Tool.

For desktop platforms, disable the services only if you notice a significant drop in performance.