Protect OfficeScan Agent Services

OfficeScan blocks all attempts to terminate the following OfficeScan agent services:

  • OfficeScan NT Listener (TmListen.exe)

  • OfficeScan NT RealTime Scan (NTRtScan.exe)

  • OfficeScan NT Proxy Service (TmProxy.exe)

  • OfficeScan NT Firewall (TmPfw.exe)

  • OfficeScan Data Protection Service (dsagent.exe)

  • Trend Micro Unauthorized Change Prevention Service (TMBMSRV.exe)


    If this option is enabled, OfficeScan may prevent third-party products from installing successfully on endpoints. If you encounter this issue, you can temporarily disable the option and then re-enable it after the installation of the third-party product.

  • Trend Micro Common Client Solution Framework (TmCCSF.exe)