Viewing System Event Logs

  1. Go to Logs > System Events.
  2. Under Event, check for logs that need further action. OfficeScan logs the following events:
    Table 1. System Event Logs

    Log Type


    OfficeScan Master Service and Database Server

    • Master Service started

    • Master Service stopped successfully

    • Master Service stopped unsuccessfully

    Outbreak Prevention

    • Outbreak Prevention enabled

    • Outbreak Prevention disabled

    • Number of shared folder sessions in the last <number of minutes>

    Database backup

    • Database backup successful

    • Database backup unsuccessful

    Role-based web console access

    • Logging on to the console

    • Password modification

    • Logging off from the console

    • Session timeout (user automatically logged off)

    Server authentication

    • The OfficeScan agent received invalid commands from the server

    • Authentication certificate invalid or expired

  3. To save logs to a comma-separated value (CSV) file, click Export to CSV. Open the file or save it to a specific location.