Configuring the SQL Database Unavailable Alert

OfficeScan automatically sends this alert whenever the SQL database becomes unavailable.


OfficeScan automatically stops all services when the database becomes unavailable. OfficeScan cannot log agent or event information, perform updates, or configure agents when the database is unavailable.

  1. On the OfficeScan server computer, browse to <Server installation folder>\PCCSRV\Admin\Utility\SQL.
  2. Double-click SQLTxfr.exe to run the tool.

    The SQL Server Migration Tool console opens.

  3. Click SQL Database Unavailable Alert….

    The SQL Server Unavailable Alert screen opens.

  4. Type the email address(es) for the recipient(s) of the alert.

    Separate multiple entries using semicolons (;).

  5. Modify the Subject and Message as necessary.

    OfficeScan provides the following token variables:

    Table 1. SQL Database Unavailable Alert Tokens




    The name of the OfficeScan SQL Server instance


    The name of the affected OfficeScan server

  6. Click OK.