Server Tuner

Use Server Tuner to optimize the performance of the OfficeScan server using parameters for the following server-related performance issues:

  • Download

    When the number of OfficeScan agents (including update agents) requesting updates from the OfficeScan server exceeds the server's available resources, the server moves the agent update request into a queue and processes the requests when resources become available. After the agent successfully updates components from the OfficeScan server, it notifies the server that the update is complete. Set the maximum number of minutes the OfficeScan server waits to receive an update notification from the agent. Also set the maximum number of times the server tries to notify the agent to perform an update and to apply new configuration settings. The server keeps trying only if it does not receive agent notification.

  • Network Traffic

    The amount of network traffic varies throughout the day. To control the flow of network traffic to the OfficeScan server and to other update sources, specify the number of OfficeScan agents that can simultaneously update at any given time of the day.

Server Tuner requires the following file: SvrTune.exe