User Accounts

Set up user accounts and assign a particular role to each user. The user role determines the web console menu items a user can view or configure.

During OfficeScan server installation, Setup automatically creates a built-in account called "root". Users who log on using the root account can access all menu items. You cannot delete the root account but you can modify account details, such as the password and account description. If you forget the root account password, contact your support provider for help in resetting the password.

Add custom accounts or Active Directory accounts. All user accounts display on the User Accounts list on the web console.

Assign user accounts permission to view or configure the granular agent settings, tasks, and data that are available in the agent tree. For a complete list of available agent tree menu items, see Agent Management Menu Items.


After upgrading the OfficeScan server, you must edit custom accounts and manually enable all new features on the Step 3 Define Agent Tree Menu screen for previously added custom accounts. For details about permissions, see Defining Permissions for Domains.

OfficeScan user accounts can be used to perform "single sign-on". Single sign-on allows users to access the OfficeScan web console from the Trend Micro Control Manager console. For details, see the procedure below.