Built-in User Roles

OfficeScan comes with a set of built-in user roles that you cannot modify or delete. The built-in roles are as follows:

Table 1. Built-in User Roles
Role Name



Delegate this role to other OfficeScan administrators or users with sufficient knowledge of OfficeScan.

Users with this role have "Configure" permission to all menu items.


Only users assigned the "Administrator (Built-in)" role have access to the Plug-ins menu item.

Guest User

Delegate this role to users who want to view the web console for reference purposes.

  • Users with this role have no access to the following menu items:

    • Plug-ins

    • Administration > Account Management > User Roles

    • Administration > Account Management > User Accounts

  • Users have "View" permission to all other menu items.

Trend Power User

(upgrade only role)

This role is only available if you upgrade from OfficeScan 10.

This role inherits the permissions of the "Power User" role in OfficeScan 10. Users with this role have "Configure" permission to all agent tree domains but will have no access to the new features in this release.