Managing the Reference Server List

  1. Go to Agents > Firewall > Profiles or Agents > Endpoint Location.
  2. Depending on the displayed screen, do the following:
    • If you are on the Firewall Profiles for Agents screen, click Edit Reference Server List.

    • If you are on the Endpoint Location screen, click reference server list.

  3. Select Enable the Reference Server list.
  4. To add any endpoint to the list, click Add.
    1. Specify the endpoint's IPv4/IPv6 address, name, or fully qualified domain name (FQDN), such as:
      • computer.networkname



    2. Type the port through which agents communicate with this endpoint. Specify any open contact port (such as ports 20, 23 or 80) on the reference server.

      To specify another port number for the same reference server, repeat steps 2a and 2b. The OfficeScan agent uses the first port number on the list and, if connection is unsuccessful, uses the next port number.

    3. Click Save.
  5. To edit the settings of any endpoint on the list, click the endpoint name. Modify the endpoint name or port, and then click Save.
  6. To remove any endpoint from the list, select the endpoint name and then click Delete.
  7. To enable the endpoints to act as reference servers, click Assign to Agents.