Backing up the OfficeScan Database

  1. Go to Administration > Settings > Database Backup.
  2. Type the location where you want to save the database. If the folder does not exist yet, select Create the folder if not already present. Include the drive and full directory path, such as C:\OfficeScan\DatabaseBackup.

    By default, OfficeScan saves the backup in the following directory: <Server installation folder>\DBBackup


    OfficeScan creates a subfolder under the backup path. The folder name indicates the time of the backup and is in the following format: YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS. OfficeScan preserves the 7 most recent backup folders, automatically deleting older folder(s).

  3. If the backup path is on a remote computer (using a UNC path), type an appropriate account name and the corresponding password. Ensure that the account has write privileges on the computer.
  4. To configure a backup schedule:
    1. Select Enable scheduled database backup.
    2. Specify the backup frequency and time.
    3. To back up the database and save the changes you made, click Backup Now. To save only without backing up the database, click Save.