Control Manager Integration in this OfficeScan Release

This OfficeScan release includes the following features and capabilities when managing OfficeScan servers from Control Manager:

  • Create, manage, and deploy policies for OfficeScan Antivirus, Data Loss Prevention, and Device Control, and assign privileges directly to OfficeScan agents from the Control Manager console.

    The following table lists the policy configurations available in Control Manager 6.0 SP3 Patch 2.

    Table 1. OfficeScan Policy Management Types in Control Manager

    Policy Type


    OfficeScan Antivirus and Agent Settings

    • Additional Service Settings

    • Behavior Monitoring Settings

    • Device Control Settings

    • Manual Scan Settings

    • Privileges and Other Settings

    • Real-time Scan Settings

    • Spyware/Grayware Approved List

    • Scan Methods

    • Scan Now Settings

    • Scheduled Scan Settings

    • Suspicious Connection Settings

    • Trusted Program List

    • Update Agent Settings

    • Web Reputation Settings

    Data Protection

    Data Loss Prevention Policy Settings


    Manage the Device Control permissions for Data Protection in the OfficeScan agent policies.

  • Replicate the following settings from one OfficeScan server to another from the Control Manager console:


If these settings are replicated to OfficeScan servers where the Data Protection license has not been activated, the settings will only take effect when the license is activated.