Manually Deleting Logs

  1. Go to Logs > Agents > Security Risks, or Agents > Agent Management.
  2. In the agent tree, click the root domain icon () to include all agents or select specific domains or agents.
  3. Perform one of the following steps:
    • If you are accessing the Security Risk Logs screen, click Delete Logs.

    • If you are accessing the Agent Management screen, click Logs > Delete Logs.

  4. Select the log types to delete. Only the following logs can be deleted manually:
    • Behavior Monitoring logs

    • C&C Callback logs

    • Data Loss Prevention logs

    • Device Control logs

    • Firewall logs

    • Predictive Machine Learning logs

    • Spyware/Grayware logs

    • Scan Operation logs

    • Suspicious Connection logs

    • Suspicious Files logs

    • Virus/Malware logs

    • Web Reputation logs


    For virus/malware logs, you can delete logs generated from certain scan types and Damage Cleanup Services. For spyware/grayware logs, you can delete logs from certain scan types.

    For details about scan types, see Scan Types.

  5. Select whether to delete logs for all the selected log types or only logs older than a certain number of days.
  6. Click Delete.