OfficeScan Agent Update Process


This topic discusses the update process for OfficeScan agents. The update process for Update Agents is discussed in Customized Update Sources for Update Agents.

After you have set up and saved the customized update source list, the update process proceeds as follows:

  1. The OfficeScan agent updates from the first source on the list.

  2. If unable to update from the first source, the OfficeScan agent updates from the second source, and so on.

  3. If unable to update from all sources, the OfficeScan agent checks the following settings on the Update Source screen:

    Table 1. Additional Settings for Custom Update Sources



    Update Agents update components, domain settings, and agent programs and hot fixes, only from the OfficeScan server

    If this setting is enabled, Update Agents update directly from the OfficeScan server and disregard the Customized Update Source List.

    If disabled, Update Agents apply the customized update source settings configured for normal agents.

    OfficeScan agents update the following items from the OfficeScan server if all customized sources are unavailable or not found:


    If this setting is enabled, the agent updates components from the OfficeScan server.

    If disabled, the agent then tries connecting directly to the Trend Micro ActiveUpdate server if any of the following is true:

    • In Agents > Agent Management, click Settings > Privileges and Other Settings > Other Settings (tab) > Update Settings, the option OfficeScan agents download updates from the Trend Micro ActiveUpdate Server is enabled.

    • The ActiveUpdate server is not included in the Customized Update Source List.


    Only components can be updated from the ActiveUpdate server. Domain settings, programs and hot fixes can only be downloaded from the OfficeScan server or Update Agents. You can speed up the update process by configuring agents to only download pattern files from the ActiveUpdate server. For more information, see ActiveUpdate Server as the OfficeScan Agent Update Source.

    Domain settings

    If this setting is enabled, the agent updates domain-level settings from the OfficeScan server.

    OfficeScan agent programs and hot fixes

    If this setting enabled, the agent updates programs and hot fixes from the OfficeScan server.

  4. If unable to update from all possible sources, the agent quits the update process.