Configuring Customized Update Sources for OfficeScan Agents

  1. Go to Updates > Agents > Update Source.
  2. Select Customized Update Source and click Add.
  3. In the screen that displays, specify the agents’ IP addresses. You can type an IPv4 range and/or an IPv6 prefix and length.
  4. Specify the update source. You can select an Update Agent if one has been assigned or type the URL of a specific source.

    Ensure that the OfficeScan agents can connect to the update source using their IP addresses. For example, if you specified an IPv4 address range, the update source must have an IPv4 address. If you specified an IPv6 prefix and length, the update source must have an IPv6 address. For details about IPv6 support for agent updates, see OfficeScan Agent Update Sources.

  5. Click Save.
  6. Perform miscellaneous tasks in the screen.
    1. Select any of the following settings. For details on how these settings work, see OfficeScan Agent Update Process.
      • Update Agents update components, domain settings, and agent programs and hot fixes, only from the OfficeScan server

      • OfficeScan agents update the following items from the OfficeScan server if all customized sources are unavailable or not found:

        • Components

        • Domain settings

        • OfficeScan agent programs and hot fixes

    2. If you specified at least one Update Agent as source, click Update Agent Analytical Report to generate a report that highlights the update status of agents. For details about the report, see Update Agent Analytical Report.
    3. Edit an update source by clicking the IP address range link. Modify the settings in the screen that displays and click Save.
    4. Remove an update source from the list by selecting the check box and clicking Delete.
    5. To move an update source, click the up or down arrow. You can only move one source at a time.
  7. Click Notify All Agents.