Screens That Display IP Addresses

This topic enumerates places in the web console where IP addresses are shown.



Agent Tree

Whenever the agent tree displays, the IPv6 addresses of pure IPv6 OfficeScan agents display under the IP address column. For dual-stack OfficeScan agents, their IPv6 addresses display if they used their IPv6 address to register to the server.


The IP address that dual-stack OfficeScan agents use when registering to the server can be controlled from Agents > Global Agent Settings > Network > Preferred IP Address.

When you export agent tree settings to a file, the IPv6 addresses also display in the exported file.

Agent Status

Detailed agent information is available when you go to Agents > Agent Management > Status. In this screen, you will see the IPv6 addresses of pure IPv6 OfficeScan agents and dual-stack OfficeScan agents that used their IPv6 addresses to register to the server.


The IPv6 addresses of dual-stack and pure IPv6 OfficeScan agents display on the following logs:

  • Virus/Malware logs

  • Spyware/Grayware logs

  • Firewall logs

  • Connection verification logs

Control Manager Console

The following lists which of the OfficeScan server and OfficeScan agents' IP addresses display on the Control Manager console.

  • Dual-stack server: IPv4 and IPv6

  • Pure IPv4 server: IPv4

  • Pure IPv6 server: IPv6

  • Dual-stack OfficeScan agent: The IP address used when the OfficeScan agent registered to the OfficeScan server

  • Pure IPv4 OfficeScan agent: IPv4

  • Pure IPv6 OfficeScan agent: IPv6