Installation Considerations

Before installing agents, consider the following:

Table 1. Agent Installation Considerations



Windows feature support

Some OfficeScan agent features are not available on certain Windows platforms.

IPv6 support

The OfficeScan agent can be installed on dual-stack or pure IPv6 agents. However:

  • Some of the Windows operating systems to which the OfficeScan agent can be installed do not support IPv6 addressing.

  • For some of the installation methods, there are special requirements to install the OfficeScan agent successfully.

OfficeScan agent IP addresses

For agents with both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, you can choose which IP address will be used when the agent registers to the server.

Exception lists

Ensure that exception lists for the following features have been configured properly:

  • Behavior Monitoring: Add critical endpoint applications to the Approved Programs list to prevent the OfficeScan agent from blocking these applications. For more information, see Behavior Monitoring Exception List.

  • Web Reputation: Add websites that you consider safe to the Approved URL List to prevent the OfficeScan agent from blocking access to the websites. For more information, see Web Reputation Policies.