Uninstalling Data Protection

If you uninstall the Data Protection module from Plug-in Manager:

  • All Data Loss Prevention configurations, settings, and logs are removed from the OfficeScan server.

  • All Device Control configurations and settings provided by the Data Protection module are removed from the server.

  • The Data Protection module is removed from agents. Agent endpoints must be restarted to remove Data Protection completely.

  • Data Loss Prevention policies will no longer be enforced on agents.

  • Device Control will no longer monitor access to the following devices:

    • Bluetooth adapters

    • COM and LPT ports

    • IEEE 1394 interface

    • Imaging devices

    • Infrared devices

    • Modems

    • PCMCIA card

    • Print screen key

    • Wireless NICs

Reinstall the Data Protection module anytime. After reinstallation, activate the license using a valid Activation Code.