Requirements for Opening the Web Console

Open the web console from any endpoint on the network that has the following resources:

  • 300MHz Intel™ Pentium™ processor or equivalent

  • 128MB of RAM

  • At least 30MB of available disk space

  • Monitor that supports 1366 x 768 resolution at 256 colors or higher

  • Web browser support:

    • Microsoft Internet Explorer™ 10.0 or later

    • Microsoft Edge

    • Chrome


OfficeScan only supports HTTPS traffic for viewing the web console.

On the web browser, type one of the following in the address bar based on the type of OfficeScan server installation:

Table 1. OfficeScan Web Console URLs

Installation Type


With SSL on a default site

https://<OfficeScan server FQDN or IP address>/OfficeScan

With SSL on a virtual site

https://<OfficeScan server FQDN or IP address>:<port number>/OfficeScan

If you upgraded from a previous version of OfficeScan, web browser and proxy server cache files may prevent the OfficeScan web console from loading properly. Clear the cache memory on the browser and on any proxy servers located between the OfficeScan server and the endpoint you use to access the web console.