Endpoint Status Widget

This widget provides an overview of the connection and update status of OfficeScan agents on your network, and the latest security compliance count of unmanaged endpoints that do not report to the OfficeScan server.

Hover over a count to view a breakdown of the different statuses. To view the logs for a specific status, click the count to the right.

Table 1. Agent/Endpoint Groups



Managed Agents

Displays the last reported connection status of the OfficeScan agents on your network

  • Online

  • Offline

  • Independent

Outdated Agents

Displays a list of component categories and the count of OfficeScan agents with an outdated component in each category

Unmanaged Endpoints

Displays a list of all endpoints that the OfficeScan can detect, but that do not have the OfficeScan agent program installed or do not report to the OfficeScan server


To ensure that the OfficeScan server updates the unmanaged endpoint count regularly:

  1. Define the Active Directory / IP address scope for an assessment.

    For more information, see Active Directory Integration.

  2. Configure a Scheduled Assessment.

    For more information, see Security Compliance for Unmanaged Endpoints.