Using the Server Migration Tool


This version of OfficeScan supports migrations from OfficeScan version 10.6 SP3 and later.

Older OfficeScan versions may not contain all the settings available in the latest version. OfficeScan automatically applies the default settings for any feature not migrated in the previous OfficeScan server version.

  1. On the OfficeScan XG server computer, navigate to <Server installation folder>\PCCSRV\Admin\Utility\ServerMigrationTool.
  2. Copy the Server Migration Tool to the source OfficeScan server computer.

    You must use the OfficeScan XG Server Migration Tool on the source OfficeScan server version to ensure that all data is properly formatted for the new target server. OfficeScan XG is not compatible with older versions of the Server Migration Tool.

  3. Double-click ServerMigrationTool.exe to start the Server Migration Tool.

    The Server Migration Tool opens.

  4. To export the settings from the source OfficeScan server:
    1. Specify the destination folder using the Browse button.

      The default name of the export package is

    2. Click Export.

      A confirmation message appears.

    3. Copy the export package to the destination OfficeScan server.
  5. To import the settings to the destination OfficeScan server:
    1. Locate the export package using the Browse button.
    2. Click Import.

      A warning message appears.

    3. Click Yes to proceed.

      A confirmation message appears.

  6. Verify that the server contains all the previous OfficeScan version settings.
  7. Move the old OfficeScan agents to the new server.

    For details about moving OfficeScan agents, see Moving OfficeScan Agents to Another Domain or OfficeScan Server or Agent Mover.