Configuring Automatic Agent Grouping

  1. Go to Agents > Agent Grouping
  2. Go to the Agent Grouping section and select Create custom agent groups for existing OfficeScan agents.
  3. Go to the Automatic Agent Grouping section.
  4. To start creating rules, click Add and then select either Active Directory or IP Address.
  5. If you created more than one rule, prioritize the rules by performing these steps:
    1. Select a rule.
    2. Click an arrow under the Group Priority column to move the rule up or down the list. The ID number of the rule changes to reflect the new position.
  6. To use the rules during agent sorting:
    1. Select the check boxes for the rules that you want to use.
    2. Enable the rules by switching the Status control to On.

    If you do not select the check box for a rule or if you disable a rule, the rule will not be used when sorting agents in the agent tree. For example, if the rule dictates that any agent should move to a new domain, the agent will not move and stays in its current domain.

  7. Specify a sorting schedule in the Scheduled Domain Creation section.
    1. Select Enable scheduled domain creation.
    2. Specify the schedule under Scheduled Domain Creation.
  8. Choose from the following options:

    Agent sorting will not start after completing this step.