Agent Grouping

Use Agent Grouping to manually or automatically create and manage domains on the OfficeScan agent tree.

There are two ways to group agents into domains.

Table 1. Agent Grouping Methods


Agent Grouping



  • NetBIOS domain

  • Active Directory domain

  • DNS domain

Manual agent grouping defines the domain to which a newly installed agent should belong. When the agent appears in the agent tree, you can move it to another domain or to another OfficeScan server.

Manual agent grouping also allows you to create, manage, and remove domains in the agent tree.

For details, see Manual Agent Grouping.


Custom agent groups

Automatic agent grouping uses rules to sort agents in the agent tree. After you define the rules, you can access the agent tree to manually sort the agents or allow OfficeScan to automatically sort them when specific events occur or at scheduled intervals.

For details, see Automatic Agent Grouping.