Active Directory Integration

Integrate OfficeScan with your Microsoft™ Active Directory™ structure to manage OfficeScan agents more efficiently, assign web console permissions using Active Directory accounts, and determine which agents do not have security software installed. All users in the network domain can have secure access to the OfficeScan console. You can also configure limited access to specific users, even those in another domain. The authentication process and the encryption key provide validation of credentials for users.

Active Directory integration allows you to take full advantage of the following features:

  • Custom agent groups: Use Active Directory or IP addresses to manually group agents and map them to domains in the OfficeScan agent tree.

    For details, see Automatic Agent Grouping.

  • Unmanaged endpoints: Ensure that endpoints in the network that are not managed by the OfficeScan server comply with your company's security guidelines.

    For details, see Security Compliance for Unmanaged Endpoints.

Manually or periodically synchronize the Active Directory structure with the OfficeScan server to ensure data consistency.

For details, see Synchronizing Data with Active Directory Domains.