Global Agent Settings

OfficeScan applies global agent settings to all agents or only to agents with certain privileges.

  1. Go to Agents > Global Agent Settings.
  2. Configure the following settings:
    Table 1. Global Agent Settings



    Scan Settings

    Global Scan Settings

    Scheduled Scan Settings

    Global Scan Settings

    Virus/Malware Log Bandwidth Settings

    Global Scan Settings

    Firewall Settings

    Global Firewall Settings

    Behavior Monitoring Settings

    Behavior Monitoring

    Certified Safe Software Service Settings

    Enable the Certified Safe Software Service for Behavior Monitoring, Firewall, and Antivirus Scans

    Suspicious Connection Settings

    Configuring Global User-defined IP List Settings


    ActiveUpdate Server as the OfficeScan Agent Update Source

    Reserved Disk Space

    Configuring Reserved Disk Space for OfficeScan Agents Updates

    Unreachable Network

    Unreachable Agents

    Alert Settings

    Configuring OfficeScan Agent Update Notifications

    Agent Language Configuration

    OfficeScan Agent Language Configuration

    Server-Agent Communication

    Enhanced Encryption of Server-Agent Communication

    OfficeScan Service Restart

    OfficeScan Agent Service Restart

    Proxy Configuration

    Automatic Proxy Settings for the OfficeScan Agent

    Preferred IP Address

    Agent IP Addresses

  3. Click Save.