Working with Widgets

Manage widgets by performing the following tasks:

Table 1. Widget Tasks



Play tab slide show

Click Play Tab Slide Show to automatically switch between tab views.

Add a new widget

  1. Click a tab.

  2. Click Add Widgets on the top right corner of the tab. A new screen displays.

  3. Select the widgets to add. For a list of available widgets, see Available Widgets.

    • Click the display icons () on the top right section of the screen to switch between the Detailed view and Summary view.

    • To the left of the screen are widget categories. Select a category to narrow down the selections.

    • Use the search text box on top of the screen to search for a specific widget.

  4. Click Add.

Move a widget

Use drag-and-drop to move widgets to different locations within the tab.

Resize a widget

Resize widgets on a multi-column tab by pointing the cursor to the right edge of the widget and then moving the cursor to the left or right.

Edit the widget title

  1. Click the edit icon (). A new screen appears.

  2. Type the new title.


    For some widgets, such as OfficeScan and Plug-ins Mashup, widget-related items can be modified.

  3. Click Save.

Refresh widget data

Click the refresh icon ().

Delete a widget

Click the delete icon ().