OfficeScan and Plug-ins Mashup Widget

The OfficeScan and Plug-ins Mashup widget combines data from OfficeScan agents and installed plug-in programs and then presents the data in the agent tree. This widget helps you quickly assess the protection coverage on agents and reduces the overhead required to manage the individual plug-in programs.

This widget shows data for the following plug-in programs:

  • Intrusion Defense Firewall

  • Trend Micro Virtual Desktop Support

These plug-in programs must be activated for the mashup widget to display data. Upgrade the plug-in programs if newer versions are available.

In this widget, you can:

  • Choose the columns that display in the agent tree. Click the edit icon () on the top right corner of the widget and then select the columns in the screen that displays.

    Table 1. OfficeScan and Plug-ins Mashup Columns

    Column Name


    Computer Name

    The endpoint name

    This column is always available and cannot be removed.

    Domain Hierarchy

    The endpoint’s domain in the OfficeScan agent tree

    Connection Status

    The OfficeScan agents connectivity with its parent OfficeScan server


    The number of viruses and malware detected by the OfficeScan agent


    The number of spyware and grayware detected by the OfficeScan agent

    VDI Support

    Indicates whether the endpoint is a virtual machine

    IDF Security Profile

    See the IDF documentation for details about these columns and the data that they show.

    IDF Firewall

    IDF Status


  • Double-click data in the table. If you double-click OfficeScan data, the OfficeScan agent tree displays. If you double-click plug-in program data (except data in the VDI Support column), the plug-in program’s main screen displays.

  • Use the search feature to find individual endpoints. You can type a full or partial host name.