Outbreaks Widget

The Outbreaks widget provides the status of any current security risk outbreaks and the last outbreak alert.

In this widget, you can:

  • View outbreak details by clicking the date/time link of the alert.

  • Reset the status of the outbreak alert information and immediately enforce outbreak prevention measures when OfficeScan detects an outbreak. For details on enforcing outbreak prevention measures, see Outbreak Prevention Policies.

  • Click View Top 10 Security Risk Statistics to view the most prevalent security risks, the computers with the most number of security risks, and the top infection sources. A new screen appears.

In the Top 10 Security Risk Statistics screen, you can:

  • View detailed information about a security risk by clicking the security risk name.

  • View the overall status of a particular endpoint by clicking the endpoint name.

  • View security risk logs for the endpoint by clicking View corresponding to the endpoint name.

  • Reset the statistics in each table by clicking Reset Count.