Editing Senders

  1. Go to the following web address for your region to access the End User Quarantine console:
  2. Go to the Approved Senders or Blocked Senders screen.
  3. Optionally, click a sortable column title to sort the list. Click the same title more than once to sort by ascending or descending order. Sortable columns include the following:
    • Sender: Email address or domain of the sender

    • Account: Account that you use to log on

    • Date Added: Date and time the sender was added to the list

  4. Click the email address or the Edit link of a sender to edit. The email address or domain becomes editable, and buttons labeled OK or Cancel appear.
  5. Make and confirm your changes or corrections.

    Hosted Email Security validates the format of the sender address before adding the sender to the list. If you receive multiple formatting error messages and are sure that the address provided is accurate, a console time-out may have occurred. Reload the page and try again.