About Approved and Blocked Senders

Configure the Approved Senders and Blocked Senders lists to manage email addresses that are always allowed or blocked to send email messages to your address or domain.

Approved Senders


Any messages from senders in the list will not be detected as spam, phish, or graymail messages. All malware, content-based, and attachment rules set by the email administrator will still apply.

Using Trend Micro Hosted Email Security, mail administrators can set up rules to take actions on email messages based on the threats detected. For example, administrators can remove detected malware from incoming messages before they reach the corporate network or quarantine detected spam and other inappropriate messages. Furthermore, intended message recipients or mail administrators can choose to release or delete the quarantined messages.

To reduce the number of desirable messages being held in quarantine, you can set up a list of approved email senders. Messages from these senders are never quarantined as spam or graymail messages. A sender can be a specific email address or all senders from a domain. Rules for detected spam, phish, and graymail messages are not applied to messages received from approved senders. However, detected malware in incoming messages are still filtered before they reach your network.

Blocked Senders

Hosted Email Security automatically blocks messages sent from email addresses or domains added to the blocked list without subjecting the messages to any scanning.

The Approved Senders and Blocked Senders tables display the following information:

  • Sender: Email address or domain of the sender

  • Account: Account that you use to log on

  • Date Added: Date and time that you added the sender to the list