Querying the Quarantine

Use the Quarantine > Query screen to view a list of quarantined messages for your managed domains. You can review messages, delete them, or release them for further filtering.

  1. In the Dates fields, select a range of dates.

    Queries include data for up to seven continuous days in one calendar month. Use more than one query to search across calendar months.

  2. In the Direction field, select a mail traffic direction.
  3. Type your search criteria into one or more of the following fields:
    • Recipient

    • Sender

    • Subject

    A recipient or sender can be a specific email address or all addresses from a specific domain.

    • Query a specific email address by typing that email address.

    • Query all addresses from a domain by using an asterisk (*) to the left of the at sign (@) in the email address. For example, *@example.com will search for all email addresses in the example.com domain.

    The following table displays format examples that are valid or not valid:

    Table 1. Format Examples for Mail Tracking and Quarantine Query


    Not Valid








  4. Click Search.
  5. Select one or multiple messages to manage.
  6. Click one of the following buttons to manage the selected messages:
    • Delete: Cancel delivery and permanently delete the message

    • Deliver: Release from quarantine


      Released messages are no longer marked as spam, but they will continue to be processed by Hosted Email Security. The following conditions apply to delivery:

      • If a message triggers a content-based policy rule with an Intercept action of Quarantine, it will once again appear in the quarantined message list.

      • If a message triggers a content-based policy rule with an Intercept action of Delete entire message or Change recipient, it will not arrive at its intended destination.

  7. Optionally click on the Timestamp value to view the Quarantine Query Details screen for a given message.
    1. Check the summary and message view information about the message.
    2. Click Delete, Deliver, or Download to manage the message.

      Download: Download the message to your local host.

      This button is available only on the Quarantine Query Details screen.