Understanding URL Click Tracking

The URL Click Tracking screen enables you to track the URL clicks where Hosted Email Security provides Time-of-Click Protection.

Hosted Email Security maintains up to 30 days of URL click tracking log information.

The URL Click Tracking screen provides the following search criteria:
  • Dates: The time range for your query.

  • Direction: The direction of messages.


    URL click tracking applies only to URL clicks protected by Hosted Email Security using Time-of-Click Protection.

  • Recipient: The recipient email address.

  • Sender: The sender email address.

  • URL: The URL contained in the message.

  • Message ID: A unique identifier for the message.

You can click Search at any time to execute the query again. Use the various criteria fields to restrict your searches.

When you query the URL click tracking information, Hosted Email Security provides a list of log records that satisfy the criteria.

In addition to the search criteria mentioned above, the following URL click tracking information is displayed:

  • Time of Click: The time a URL was clicked.

  • Action Applied: The action taken on the URL. For all the actions, see Actions below.

    • Blocked: Hosted Email Security blocked the URL that a user wanted to access.

    • Allowed: Hosted Email Security allowed a user to access the requested URL.

    • Warned and stopped: Hosted Email Security warned a user of the threat, and the user stopped access to the URL.

    • Warned but accessed: Hosted Email Security warned a user of the threat, but the user continued to access the URL.