Understanding Audit Log

The Audit Log screen enables you to track the administration and user events occurred in Hosted Email Security.

Hosted Email Security maintains up to 30 days of audit log information.

The Audit Log screen provides the following search criteria:
  • Account and Type: The account name and the type for which you want to search the audit log.

  • Dates: The time range for your query.

You can click Search at any time to execute the query again. Use the various criteria fields to restrict your searches.

When you query the audit log, Hosted Email Security provides a list of all events that satisfy the criteria.

To see the detail of an event, click on the date under the Dates column.

The Audit Log Details screen displays the following information:
  • User: The administrator or user name under which the event occurred.

  • Event type: The type of event that occurred.

  • Dates: The date and time when the event occurred.

  • Affected domain(s): The domains (if any) that were affected by the event.

  • Fields:
    • Field: The name of the fields that were affected by the event.

    • New Value: The latest value of the field after the event occurred.

    • Previous Value: The previous value of the field (if any) before the event occurred.