About Approved and Blocked IP Addresses

Go to IP Reputation > Approved/Blocked to display this screen.

To manually override IP reputation-based filtering at the MTA connection level, add IP addresses to the lists on the Approved and Blocked IP Addresses screen. These lists override the Dynamic IP Reputation Settings and Standard IP Reputation Settings and allow for customization of which addresses are subjected to IP reputation-based filtering.

There are lists of approved and blocked countries, IP addresses, and Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) blocks.


To add a CIDR block to the list, type the IPv4 address / CIDR block. The following is the only valid format: x.x.x.x/z

The IP addresses in the Approved lists bypass other IP reputation-based filtering. This list is useful for ensuring all messages from a partner company or other MTA are allowed, no matter their status with the standard IP reputation databases or with the Trend Micro Email Reputation Services (ERS) dynamic IP reputation database. When using the IP reputation approved lists, you may experience lower overall spam catch rates.

The IP addresses in the Blocked lists are not subject to other IP reputation-based filtering. Hosted Email Security permanently rejects connection attempts from such IP addresses by responding with a 550 error (a rejection of the requested connection).


IP reputation-based filters use only IP address data to filter messages. You can also use sender email address and domain to filter incoming messages. Approved senders bypass IP reputation-based filtering at the MTA connection level.

See Configuring Sender Filter.