Importing and Exporting Senders

Hosted Email Security allows you to import approved and blocked senders in batches from a properly-formatted CSV file and export the existing senders to the local storage.

  1. Go to Inbound Protection > Approved Senders or go to Inbound Protection > Blocked Senders.
  2. Import or export senders.
    Option Description

    Import senders

    1. Click Import to import multiple senders.

      The Import Approved Senders screen appears.

    2. Click Choose File to locate the file to import.

    3. Select one of the following import options:

      • Merge: append the sender email addresses or domains to the existing list.

      • Overwrite: replace the existing list with the sender email addresses or domains in the file.

    4. Click Import.

    Export senders

    Select the senders that you want to export and click Export.

    The selected senders are exported to the local storage.